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Do you feel you have the potential to achieve far more than you have? Do you sense a greater purpose for your life? Do you feel stuck in circumstances that hold you back from living your passion or fulfilling your dreams? Do you feel there is never enough time or money to do what you love most?

One on one coaching may be the missing key to unlock your greatest potential in your life, office and community. What are you waiting for?

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Hi, I'm Jolene!

Jolene Casey

As a coach I am passionate about helping people see what is possible. I will help you clearly identify where you are now; in your life, relationships, work, and goals. I will provide you with the tools you need to deal with your specific situation, tailored to you as an individual. Then, together, we will move you to where you dare to be; to ultimate success and the achievement of your goals and dreams.

John Maxwell Coaching Certification Seal

Certified in The Maxwell Method of Coaching and The Maxwell Method of Masterminds. Facilitating Lunch and Learn training sessions and workshops using the Maxwell method.

Why hire a coach?

With my coaching, you will learn to tap into your infinite potential and connect with what really matters in your life. I will show you how to get crystal clear on your values and how you measure your success and happiness. Together, we will discover your strengths and hidden talents and how to apply them to your life.

I'll stretch and challenge you to get there faster, and help you identify where “there” is, in your individual story. Learn to be bold in life, go after what you want, face your fears, and get out of your cocoon, to become the best version of yourself.

As your coach, it is my duty to look out for you, holding you accountable for what you say you're going to do. I can help you identify your self-destructive habits, clear out whatever you are tolerating in life and business, and learn how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

I will help you take important steps, to express the unique talents you have to offer to the world. Learn how to let go of your limiting beliefs and inner critic. Find your inner strength and start fresh. WHEN who you are, WHAT you do, and WHAT you say are in alignment, fulfillment and radical success are possible.

John Maxwell Certified Coaching

Let me help you overcome hurdles and reach success!
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"Don't ever be impressed with goal setting; be impressed with goal getting. Reaching new goals and moving to a higher level of performance always requires change, and change feels awkward. But take comfort in the knowledge that if a change doesn't feel uncomfortable, then it's probably not really a change." - John C. Maxwell

"Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is."
-Mark Twain

The Process

The true power of transformation lies within you. Together, we will take a step-by-step approach to achieve your goals, re-invigorate your passion, and find the drive you need to stride forward with confidence.


In this stage of your journey, you will learn to clearly identify where you are and decide what you want to achieve for your future. Our first step together will be to explore and understand what it is you want to achieve, improve your awareness, develop your skills of self-knowledge, and set a plan in motion with the end result in mind. The changes you decide to make can be large or small, but taking some time to carefully think about what you hope to achieve is arguably the most important first step to achieve the kind of success you dream about.


This is the most intriguing stage of development; there is a dramatic transformation taking place inside the cocoon of your life's potential. Rest, retreat, and be mindful of your plan. You will take steps to prepare for what comes next. In this stage, we will work together to let go of the old habits holding you back. and dissolve the obstacles preventing your achievement. Once you have defined your goals and determined what you really want, it is time to commit to a productive path of achievement. We will map out your plan, and set a deadline to which you will be held accountable.


In this stage, you will learn to leave behind old ways of doing things and work with any fear or uncertainty that is holding you back. At this point, it can be tempting to give up on your goals. With my help and direct accountability, you will learn to feel the fear and move forward anyway. You will gain the tools to achieve success with courage, confidence, and productive risk taking. I will challenge you to push past your fear so you can fly. Together, we will celebrate your newfound achievements, building momentum to propel you toward the life of your dreams.

Note: Every client is unique. You have your own set of goals, struggles, dreams, gifts, and talents. For this reason, I tailor my coaching plan to you, as an individual. This means that your time frame and objectives will be as unique as you are.

We will work together to customize a coaching plan specifically for you, which is ideally suited to your timeline, your goals, your location, and your schedule! Coaching can be done via phone, Zoom Room session, or in person. Your location and time zone are not a hindrance for an effective, successful coaching experience.

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"Believe in your infinite potential. Believe in your wings. Emerge, and let yourself fly."

Client Reviews

Kirsten Ray
Independent Business Owner
Covington, Washington

"Using Jolene's coaching system was one of the best decisions of my career. She will get real and personal with you and take you through detailed steps to create a more successful life, both at home and in the workforce. One of my favorite parts of her coaching was creating precise, measurable steps for myself on how to be more well-rounded and balance all the various aspects of daily living: from work, to relationships, spiritual life, continuing education, health, finances and goals. If you are truly committed to seeing a change in your life, let her work with you to support you in creating the life you dream for yourself!"

Chris and Vanessa Van Zeyl
Salon 25
Cypress, California

"My husband and I own Salon 25 in Cypress, CA and we had the pleasure of having Jolene Casey as our business coach. The best thing about having a coach is you are not alone. It is essential as a business owner to have a mentor to guide you along on the crazy journey. If a challenge came up and we didn't know the best way to address it, we knew Jolene would help us look at things a different way to get a better result. We have been blessed to have many coaches come through our business, but Jolene's knowledge paired with her caring nature make us feel like she is part of our team and truly wants the best for us and our business. We have experienced growth beyond our expectations while Jolene was coaching us. She introduced us to strategies from budgeting to leadership, but most importantly she showed us how to reach our full potential to live the life of our dreams. Today we now celebrate 11 years as a successful business and most importantly a beautiful marriage with plenty of playtime with our toddler. We ♥ you Jolene!!"

Alesha Wells
Genesis Business Owner
Beaumont, Texas

"How do I love coaching, let me tell you why! If you want access to a promising future coaching is the way to go. Jolene Casey is astute, assertive and awesome at her craft. I've learned so much under the tutelage of Jolene from accountability, time management, conflicts and resolutions in the workplace and so much more setting me up for success both personally and in my business. Her expertise in LEADERSHIP, management and ability to transition seamlessly are to be admired. Don't just wish or dream your dream, write the vision, make a plan, be specific and take your business straight to the top! With God all things are possible if you Believe! ‘Oh the places you will go' . . . Dr Seuss"

Alison Walmsley
Envy Hair Salon Owner

"Coaching has taught me to be confident in my decisions, to trust the process and handle every situation that comes my way successfully. I have grown into the leader I've always wanted to be and my team has grown with me. I work less hours behind the chair, I have time to focus on the business and I can delegate. I coach my team to help them grow and they have seen the positive change and also feel inspired to grow. I would recommend Jolene and the coaching process to every business owner however experienced they are. You will learn so much about yourself in the process and realize why it's so important to the success of your business, that's the part I loved the most. I now feel empowered, organized and confident in my leadership skills, never stuck and always excited for the next challenge!"

The power of transformation lies within. Sign up today for your free coaching session.

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